Porkchop is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He has a MFA in Sculpture from VCU and has had a successful career  designing and creating murals, mixed media art and sculpture. He creates intriguing scenarios by combining paint, illustration, and text. He has exhibited exclusively in the United States and Europe and is published in “The Greatest Erotic Art of Today/Volume 2”“Eye Candy” and “I Want Your Skull”.

“I am intrigued by every aspect of the art making process; from finding and selecting the subject matter to making the frame and each step in between. Most inspiration for my work comes from retro photography of women. After the selection of the image, I then incorporate additional images and text to create the story. From piece to piece the story changes, but the female figure is often the main character.”  -Porkchop


Denizens and visitors to Monmouth County have been enjoying Porkchop’s vibrant and colorful artwork and murals for years, but in most recent manifestation, the artist strips his works of his normally vivid palette and instead employs intentionally ritualistic and graphic monochromatic designs and symbols accented with Gold.

Influenced by ancient block printing techniques, history and literature, the artist Porkchop sources out, manipulates, and casts familiar objects. He then painstakingly recreates their surfaces giving them a new existence into a dark and curious storyline. The application of paint into his intentional ritualistic designs followed by flawless coats of glossy resin is an act of pure precision and care, like the work of a surgeon or mortician.

There are oftenunexpected but pleasant marriages of imagery and object. By stripping these pieces of his usualvibrant palette, Porkchop’s choice of black & white emphasizes thenarrativein the works, which becomes difficult to ignore. Presenting these pieces in symmetry creates an alter that pulls the stories altogether.